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Theory, Documentation: Several updates


Continuing the preparations for the release of the version 0.2 of pyOZ, the following parts of this website were update in order to reflect the recent changes to the code and to correct typos. Theory: closures Documentation: ctrl section Documentation: outp section Documentation: sample output More updates to follow soon!

Documentation: release update


Docs had to be heavily updated in order to reflect all the changes to the code between the betas and the final release. The following sections have been changed: general information commandline parameters testing pyOZ input file – ctrl section input file – parm section outputs

Downloads: first final release available


After much longer time than expected, I am releasing the first final version of pyOZ (0.1). It includes many new features (evaluation of thermodynamic properties) and bugfixes. The code is available for download on this page or directly here. Please read the release notes for more information. Please note also, that pyOZ is now released […]

Various: site update


The site has been updated to reflect the changes to the code and the release of the next beta version. The following sections were changed: documentation theory

Documentation: input file documentation updated


Due to changes in the pyOZ code, the format of the input file had to be slightly changed. The whole documentation was updated to reflect all the changes. There are also some changes in the command line parameters.

Documentation: input file


The documentation of the input file format is more or less finished. It’s possible that there are some omissions or mistakes, but generally it should be OK. In case you have problems to understand something, please let me know. Check this page for the general information and specific documentation for ctrl, syst, and parm sections […]

Documentation: pyOZ documentation update


Documentation area now contains information about the program and its outputs. Currently, the following sections are more or less complete: General information Installation Commandline parameters Testing pyOZ Input file Outputs Miscellaneous Detailed description of input files (parameters, keywords) should be available in next few days.