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LaTeX math display problem


Due to an unknown reason, part of the equations published on this website using the LatexRender plugin were damaged – minus signs were partially replaced with “8211;”. I tried to correct all occurences – if you find something that I missed, please let me know. While doing the changes and trying to find easier way […]

New version to be released soon


It is time for a new release. It will include several optimizations to the code and to the outputs, but also a new iterative algorithm, based on the combination of Newton-Raphson and conjugate gradients methods. The code is being tested right now. It will be released as soon as the tests are done and the […]



WordPress installation updated. I am preparing new release of pyOZ with many fixes and optimizations. Stay tuned for updates, it won’t hopefully take long time…

WordPress update


WordPress installation was updated in order to keep up with latest security patches. If you find something not working properly, please let me know.

Web complete, preparing first beta


Since the documentation and theory are more or less complete, I now intend to release the first beta of pyOZ (i.e., not the stable final product). It might still take some days to check the code, clean it up, debug, … Hopefully, it will be ready soon. Stay tuned for updates. Release information will be […]

Web update


WordPress has been upgraded to the latest version in order to keep up to date with security updates.

Homepage of the pyOZ project created


As you probably realized by finding/visiting this page, I have created here a homepage for my pyOZ project. pyOZ is an iterative solver of the Ornstein-Zernike equation, written in Python and using the SciPy/NumPy scientific computing bundle.