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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Download: bugfix pyOZ version 0.2.1


A bug was found in the code of the 0.2 release of pyOZ, causing very slow convergence of the Newton-Raphson/conjugate gradients solver. The results are not affected, but the number of iteration cycles is too large. The version 0.2.1 of pyOZ fixes this problem. You can get the new version (diff or archive with changed […]

Downloads, Features: New release available


A new version of pyOZ (0.2) has just been released. It includes one main new features (Newton-Raphson based iterative solver for the HNC closure) and bugfixes. The code is available for download on this page or directly here. Please read the release notes for more information. The Features page has been updated in order to […]

Theory, Documentation: Several updates


Continuing the preparations for the release of the version 0.2 of pyOZ, the following parts of this website were update in order to reflect the recent changes to the code and to correct typos. Theory: closures Documentation: ctrl section Documentation: outp section Documentation: sample output More updates to follow soon!

Theory: Newton-Raphson iterative algorithm


The theory section was updated in order to include the discussion of the Newton-Rapshon/conjugate gradients iterative algorithm, which is supported starting with the version 0.2 of pyOZ to be released soon. Other parts of the website (various docs) will be changed prior to release in order to keep the materials on this webpage up-to-date to […]

New version to be released soon


It is time for a new release. It will include several optimizations to the code and to the outputs, but also a new iterative algorithm, based on the combination of Newton-Raphson and conjugate gradients methods. The code is being tested right now. It will be released as soon as the tests are done and the […]