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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Download: bugfix pyOZ version 0.2.3


Again, some changes were done to the code of the 0.2.2 release of pyOZ. The Newton-Raphson/conjugate gradients solver is still disabled in this version. Some minor bugs were fixed. The program is now capable of writing out the partial structure factors for the system. The respective parts of the website (documentation, features) were changed accordingly. […]

Download: Bugfix pyOZ version 0.2.2


Some changes had to be done to the code of the 0.2.1 release of pyOZ, among others to the Newton-Raphson/conjugate gradients solver which still doesn’t work as it should and was thus disabled in this version. Some minor bugs were fixed as well. The handling of Python exceptions is consistent with the new versions of […]

LaTeX math display problem


Due to an unknown reason, part of the equations published on this website using the LatexRender plugin were damaged – minus signs were partially replaced with “8211;”. I tried to correct all occurences – if you find something that I missed, please let me know. While doing the changes and trying to find easier way […]

Download: prop_conv conversion utility update


First update (bugfixes and additions to the electrolyte database) of the conversion utility prop_conv (conversion of concentrations, densities and osmotic coefficients of electrolytes) is now available here for download. Please report all bugs you find and check the results you get…