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All downloadable versions of pyOZ are available here. Together with stable releases, also the latest (current) testing version can be downloaded. The conversion utility prop_conv is also available for download here.

In the future, all diff files for the versions between stable and current should be available. If you take the ‘diff’ way, please note that you will either have to apply all patches in the correct order (archive with all diffs and a simple script for this purpose is also available).

The versions are sorted from the newest to the oldest, so check the top of the list in order to have the most up-to-date program.

Current version

The current versions are available as cumulative diff to the last stable version and diff to the last current version (if applicable), as well as the archive containing all files changed in the particular version.

The diffs are produced using diff -u version.old > . The diff file should be downloaded to the directory with the source code and applied with patch < .

Stable versions

Old versions