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Documentation: commandline parameters

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pyOZ is started using the following command -i input.inp [parameters]

Please note that the name of the input file is the only required parameter. It can be placed anywhere on the line. You can use either short or long version of the command line switches, as described below.

The following commandline parameters are allowed:

-h / --help
prints the usage information
Usage information is also printed when invalid switch/parameter is used, when the input file name is missing, or when pyOZ is started without any parameters.

-i / --input=
name of the input file (mandatory parameter)

-o / --output=
name of the output file (calculation log); if not specified, the output goes to the screen

-n / --name=
name of the calculation, which will be used for naming of the resulting output data (at the moment pair correlation functions and gamma functions), defaults to “pyoz”

-g / --gamma=
name of the input gamma function

When the long version of a parameter is used, its value has to be written either immediatelly after the equal sign, or the sign can be replaced by a whitespace character. For a short parameter switch, the value is to be separated by whitespace character.

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